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Learn About Our Salmon

Fjords to Fork

The origin of our Salmon begins in the cold and clear water of Norway. Salmon growing in their natural environment develops lean texture and delicate flavor. With aquaculture expertise passed through generations, Norwegian’s salmons are well-recognized for its quality and enjoyed freshly across the world.  

Simple yet Delicious

With a few simple ingredients, you are ready to bake yourself a tasty salmon. Thaw the salmon fillet to room temperature before cooking. Pre-heat the oven to 220 degree Celsius and season the salmon fillet well with salt and pepper. Set the timer to 12 minutes and let the oven do the wonders. Your baked salmon is ready to eat when it changes to opaque pink. Do remember to check the thickest part of the salmon fillet to ensure it is fully cooked. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice on top of the salmon and dinner is ready to serve!

More than Delicious

Aside from its amazing taste, Norwegian Salmons are nutritionally dense and a great source of protein packed with Omega-3 Fats. Adding salmon as a staple into your diet can promote brain health while keeping the body’s immune system in balance.

Next Home-cooked Meal

Loving what you see about our salmon? You can get your weekly salmon affair from our supplier, the Norwegian Salmon Pte Ltd and enjoy a nutritious home-cooked meal with your family. Norwegian Salmon Pte Ltd invented the world’s first Salmon ATM to distribute premium salmon fillet all across Singapore. Locate the nearest Norwegian Salmon ATM and bring home a thick slab of salmon fillet at a promotional price of $3.90. Don’t miss out the good deal!